Built for 250 pound or smaller weight animals, the Calf Processor from Winkel is versatile enough to match up with most brands of calf cradles. The unit consists of a 120 inch diameter half circle that is available in either clockwise or counterclockwise and connects to an 8 foot long x 14 inch wide alley equipped with entry and exit sliding gates.

The alley sides are 4 feet tall and are enclosed with sheeted steel to improve the safe flow of calves. An operator can easily walk through the alley as there are no overheads. The alley will hold hold three 200 pound calves at one time and the half circle will accommodate the work flow. Slide gates on roller bearings allow for quick and smooth traffic control. The base on the sliders is comprised of 5 inch channel iron, providing stability.

Winkel adapter posts are available from the drop pen to the cattle panel hook-up. The unit is set up for left or right side entry of the half circle.

For more information, visit www.WinkelMfg.com.