Werk-Brau's PowerGrip Bucket is a multi-purpose bucket that enhances a machine’s grading, trenching and clamshell capabilities with precise control. With 120-degrees of jaw opening and a clamping force three-times that of standard thumbs, the PowerGrip eliminates the need for additional attachments. Precise control allows users to deftly place materials where desired the first time. Unique design includes an enclosed rotary actuator hinge in cross-tube. There are no exposed cylinders or other external moving parts and no obstruction in jaw or bucket shell. Clamping force is consistent throughout the jaws full range of motion. With equal force exerted at both sides, there is no jaw twisting during use. This quick-coupler compatible design uses existing auxiliary hydraulic circuit and includes standard OEM lugging. Werk-Brau PowerGrip Buckets are available in standard widths from 24-60 inches, depending upon machine class.

High strength steel is used throughout the weldment. Hardened, greaseable bushings are utilized at all pivot points. Tapered side plates reduce wear on bucket sides and allows easier dumping. A variety of tooth options or bolt on cutting edge are readily available for customization of PowerGrip to suit specific needs.

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