Werk-Brau Roll-Out Buckets add 24 inches of dump height to any loader. Designed for light materials (2,000 pounds/cubic yard or less), the Bucket allows the loading of standard (13 feet, 6 inch) trailers without ramps. Tandem cushioned hydraulic cylinders raise the back of the Bucket to achieve the higher dump height, completely clearing materials without the need for jarring material loose. A recessed carriage improves the center of gravity and prevents “tippy-ness” while placing less stress on loader arms and bucket linkage. Load out “cycle” time is reduced. Visibility slots on the top of the Bucket allow the operator a better sightline. Performance side plates enhance material retention, and rubber skirting keeps the Bucket clean after every bucket pass.

Werk-Brau Roll-Out Buckets are available for all loader sizes, and are ideal for backfilling, loading trucks, re-handling of materials, and more. They are manufactured with high-strength T-1 steel in all critical wear points, with abrasion-resistant wear straps to reinforce the bucket bottom.

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