Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Growers of any size

Geography: Two configurations suited for Eastern and Western U.S. markets

Key Selling Point: Ease-of-use, similar enough to other tools that no new training is needed

The new 3-point mounted strip-till system from Environmental Tillage Systems (ETS), the SoilWarrior Edge, combines the durability and versatility of a SoilWarrior system with a tractor mounted 3-point system designed for primary tillage and zone freshening. Operators can make adjustments to the system easily from their tractor cab, such as switching from 12 to 16 rows or changing row unit down pressure.

Designed with transportation safety in mind, the SoilWarrior Edge toolbar double folds, utilizing a six-row center section compared to an eight-row center section found on other toolbars.

ETS Vice President Brent Brueland stresses the ease-of-use when talking about the benefits growers get from the SoilWarrior Edge.

“The SoilWarrior Edge has the same durable construction of our other systems but now with a more compact 3-point mounted configuration,” he says. “If they already have their own fertilizer system cart that they pull, they can hook that right to the Edge seamlessly.”

Brueland breaks down the Edge’s two configurations, being a triple coulter and a coulter, shank and knife setup. He says while the triple coulter version is more popular east of the Mississippi River due to rocks, the coulter, shank, knife setup is more suited for the Western half of the U.S., where the Edge will initially launch.

Brueland says dealers should stress the lack of a learning curve with the SoilWarrior Edge when speaking with customers, meaning there’s no training needed for growers who are already using strip-till equipment.

“Dealers will only need to stress the return-on-investment and reduced down time, as well as the reduced wear-and-tear,” he says.