GAMBIER, Ohio — Long-time precision ag dealer, Tim Norris, and Belinda Hughes, both from Central Ohio, formally announced the creation of Box Concepts Consulting LLC. They have developed a program designed specifically for small precision ag businesses with 5-15 team members, to help them navigate the challenges of growing their business, creating the right team and become more efficient.

It has been our experience owning, working with and managing businesses, that there needs to be a shift in management style from centralized to true team empowerment if you want to get the most out of your team. We provide many years of business experience. We are passionate about bringing that knowledge and experience to small precision ag businesses.

We will show you how to work ON your business, not just IN your business. The real value we bring is our Strategic Success Plan. Our customized sessions will walk your leadership team through creating your plan. The Strategic Success Plan is a collection of documents, plans and defining statements.

We start with something as simple, but often overlooked, as what defines you as a business and where do you want to take it. Next, we help you build plans for setting and meeting your goals and to create a team filled with the right people. We will discuss your biggest issues and show you how to break them down, and to find, monitor and measure solutions.

Along the way we will share with you many tips, tricks and tools we have in our toolbox. Box Concepts Consulting is a LLC owned equally by Norris, former CEO of 2015 Precision Farming Dealer Most Valuable Dealership, Ag Info Tech, and Hughes, located at 21495 Zion Road Gambier, Ohio 43022.  

Norris has managed a local co-op and helped several co-ops in Central Ohio start their "precision farming departments.” In 2004 Norris had a vision of a standalone precision ag company and formed Ag Info Tech LLC. Feeling lead by God, to prepare for his exit of AIT, he sold his successful company. 

Norris went on to become a business director of Smart Ag, a company that developed an autonomous tractor platform. The company was later purchased by Raven Industries where Norris was business manager of autonomy. 

Hughes has worked in Finance in the role of controller and CFO for 5 different companies for a total of 35 years as well as privately consulting. Her experience ranges from small privately held manufacturing in both the golf club and restaurant furniture industries, as well as venture capitalist wholesale in giftware and global corporate corrugated box manufacturing.

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