American Landmaster releases their all new L7XL PRO, a UTV suited best for big jobs on farms, construction sites, industrial plants, lumber yards, or even hunters looking to bring back some extra big game. The L7XL PRO comes built with Landmaster’s most powerful and dependable Kohler 694cc EFI commercial-grade engine. This engine is specifically tuned to give the user more torque power over the rest of the Landmaster lineup.

Standard on the L7XL PRO is the heavy duty L-ROSS (suspension system), power steering (EPS), heavy-duty front-end bumper, Radial DOT 6-ply commercial-grade tires, and an electric bed lift powering a 50 inches  x 70 inches extra-large steel bed. The bed lift is controlled by a dash-mounted rocker switch which directs the bed up or down. The XL bed also transforms into a flat bed by easily removing the bolts and sidewalls. The flat bed formation allows the user to quickly take on and off larger loads. You can also add an optional stake pocket kit to build your own sidewalls. 

The radial 6-ply, DOT certified, high-load rated construction tires provide added strength, increased puncture resistance, and deliver an ultra-smooth ride on and off the road.  Tested and driven for over 6,000 miles, these tires are built to last. 

“Our goal was to bring the industry an American-Made, high quality, affordable heavy-duty UTV. The marketplace currently starts at around $16,000 for a long-bed UTV, and we knew we could be around $13,500 with ours,” saysDavid Piercy, Marketing director for American Landmaster. “The L7XL PRO was rigorously tested, one test included continuously driving the unit for over 6,000 miles around a test track. This validated the quality of the componentry, commercial-grade engine, DOT tires, and the overall chassis. We also tested the machine’s ability to carry 1,000 pounds of steel and 1,000 pounds of lumber, it handle those tasks impressively well." 

The L7XL PRO comes with all 30+ new 2021 features in addition to everything listed above. The L7XL PRO will be popping up in dealerships this month. If you’re interested in learning more you can visit or if you’re interested in becoming a dealer you can apply online at