With industry-leading cycle times, thanks to the twin tensioning arm system and the fastest tailgate speed of any 5 x 6 baler, Kuhn's VB 560 offers the productivity needed to put up high-quality hay in tight weather windows. The twin tension arms create rock solid bales that hold their shape for more efficient transport and storage. This Baler includes Kuhn’s proven front net wrap system, featuring an innovative loading support bracket.

Three intake solutions are available on the VB 560, all of which are silage ready. The TwinCharge intake excels in high capacity, high-productivity needs when baling straw, corn stalks or even soybean stubble. The OptiFeed system easily handles a range of crops from silage to dry hay and straw with the proven integral rotor.

The Opticut 19 knife system easily processes the crop down to 2.8 inches while baling at high capacities.

KUHN VB 560 Balers are ISOBUS compatible with an intuitive user interface, easy to control via the ISOBUS terminal of the tractor or via Kuhn’s CCI 50, 800 or 1200 terminals.

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