Felling's FT-16 IT-I is a drop deck tilt trailer with a 5 foot stationary deck and an 18 foot tilt deck. The Trailer is equipped with a removable attachment rack mounted on the front stationary deck that sits inside the stake pockets on the trailer's exterior. The rack is an ideal pairing with the IT-I tilt trailer, providing ample room to transport a skid steer, multiple attachments and various job site tools like shovels and brooms on the 18 foot tilt deck's rack.

The attachment rack has a 54 inch deck height for transport of larger attachments such as grapple forks, trenchers, stump grinders, etc. on the stationary deck below the rack. The top rack provides 5 feet x 81 inches of space to transport dirt/snow buckets, tillers or rollers. The attachment rack has an angle lip on the front and each side with rub rail and stake pockets, providing the operator several points of securement.

Additional storage for shovels/brooms is located on the attachment rack's roadside with three bolt-on tubes. Built strong enough to carry the load, the removable attachment rack offers a capacity of 2,500 pounds.

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