Along with the 20-inch concave notched blade, Horsch's Joker RX Series offers the ability to switch to 4-inch wave-width Vortex blades, which allow the Joker RX to achieve thorough horizontal fractures at working depths from the surface down to 4 to 5 inches. Switching blades is a simple process, using just five bolts to secure each blade to the hub.

The blade engagement angle allows for a consistent, thorough horizontal fracture and uniform working horizon. The mono-mount blade arm design maintains superior blade angle engagement on the RX Series. The Joker RX comes standard with manual depth adjustment. An optional TouchDepth feature allows operators to electronically adjust the depth of the implement via mobile app.

Two finishing systems are available on the Joker RX. The RingFlex system, which is an evolution of the original RollFlex system, provides ultimate performance in soil conditioning and consolidation. The RingFlex is also convertible for use in high moisture soil conditions and has proven durability in rocky conditions. The second option is the OptiRoll system, which offers a completely new approach to the rubber rollers found on competitive units.

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