ST. LOUIS, Mo.  — The Equipment Dealers Assn. (EDA) and its regional affiliate members have issued the following statement on the passage of Continuing Resolution (CR) for FY2021, signed by President Donald Trump.

“The CR includes many provisions which are important to equipment dealers and their customers such as trade relief to farmers through the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), and the replenishment of the Highway Transportation Trust Fund at FY 20 levels. We are grateful for Chairman Peterson and Ranking Member Conaway’s leadership in ensuring that America’s farmers’ hardships caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are addressed. We had hoped for a multi-year extension of the Highway Trust Fund. Going forward, EDA will continue to urge both Democrats and Republicans to craft a long-term, comprehensive bill that boosts investment in rural infrastructure and the surface transportation improvements necessary to permit agricultural products to go to market in an efficient and competitive manner.” said Kim Rominger, President and CEO of EDA.