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The Meinhardt family’s involvement in the farm equipment business started when Eddie Meinhardt opened Eddie’s Service shortly after World War II and by 1953 had started selling Allis Chalmers equipment. In 1967, when Jim Meinhardt was 19, Eddie bought another dealership which became Meinhardt Equipment. Through mergers, Meinhardt Equipment would eventually become KanEquip.

The dealership has survived and grown through a number of challenging years, and Jim says they watched a number of their friends go out of business in the 1980s.

“We talk about a lot with the Coronavirus. If you made it through the ‘80s in the farm equipment business or as a farmer, you survived a really tough time. Tougher than this we’re going through now and with a lot of good help back then.”

While Jim is still involved, today the third generation, including Jim’s sons Bryndon and Grant, are running the business, along with general manager Craig Goff.

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