John Deere's 1745 MaxEmerge 5 Planter is designed for corn and soybean growers who require planter-applied fertilizer, a split-row configuration and narrow transport. The Planter is compatible with older tractors (95 drawbar horsepower and up). The 1745 Planter can be quickly folded for transport, right from the cab. Once folded, its compact size tracks within the duals of the tractor for stable, narrow transport under 13-feet high. Depending on the options chosen, customers can add as much or as little technology as necessary.

Customers can choose from an 8-row, 30-inch or a 15-row, 15-inch configuration for the 1745 Planter. Three commodity storage options are available and include 1.6- and 3-bushel row hoppers, or mini hoppers with the 50-bushel John Deere CCS central fill seed delivery system. With CCS customers can conveniently and efficiently fill the planter from one spot. The 1745 Planter can be fitted with the optional John Deere SeedStar XP monitoring system.

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