Felling's Model FT-50-3 LP's flip ramp locks out fully when extending, preventing scraping or marring of the ground. Felling's controlled flow air ramp technology allows for soft ground contact of the ramp, keeping new surfaces free from being damaged.

Other features include:

  • 26 inch main deck length plus 6 foot double incline beavertail, Apitong decking
  • 45 inch wide x 11 foot bi-fold air operated, Apitong inlaid ramps
  • Air brakes, ABS 2S/1M, Meritor WABCO (parking brakes on all axles)  
  • 25K Ridewell oil bath axles
  • 55 inch spread, Ridewell 240 Air Ride with dump valve suspension
  • Air lift axle on first axle  
  • 235/75R 17.5 inch tires
  • 140,000 pound Twin 2-Speed Jack (with 39,000-pound lift capacity)                                                                                                               

Learn more at www.Felling.com.