John Blue's 3 Inch Poly-Centrifugal Wet-Seal Pump is lightweight and ready to work with quick grab handles for easy mobility wherever needed on the farm. Pumps include a Viton wet seal that allows the Pump to be operated dry without fear of damage. When operating at maximum capacity, it is capable of pushing 375 gallons per minute at maximum flow. The Pumps are available with gas engines and single-phase and three-phase electric motors in both TEFC and drip-proof configurations. Pump can be removed, or engine can be replaced, without having to disassemble the Pump.

Specs include: 45 psi maximum pressure; 3,600 rpm maximum shaft speed and 10 horsepower required.

Features include: fully assembled from the factory, double wet seal assembly, closed impeller technology, polypropylene body, FKM and Viton seals and 316SS impeller shaft.

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