The Lavender Harvesting Machines from Bonino are attached to tractors; they cut the flowers of lavender using a two-drum disk mower and convey the flowers by a hydraulic ladder, behind the cutting group, to the trailer. The flowers can be unloaded by a hydraulic door or using the help of a chained floor that lifts the product. Two purpose-built rakes at the front of the machine act like a comb, lifting, grouping and directing the lavender towards the center, into the cutting system. The rakes are adjustable to suit any type of lavender bush. They are designed to follow the shape of the lavender bush and cut the stem without damaging the plant.

The Harvesting Machine’s tilted and adjustable disc mower can follow the shape of any lavender bush to allow a clean cut. Unloading can be done on the ground through a hydraulic door, or in height utilizing a catenary, that allows unloading directly inside boxes or trailers. A push-button panel directly in the tractor cabin controls the electro-hydraulic system.

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