A Farm Equipment Staff Report

In the fifth installment of Farm Equipment’s Dealership Minds series, 9 staff members traveled to Kentucky to experience first-hand how a successful dealership — H&R Agri-Power — headquartered in the No. 1 ag county in Kentucky operates. 

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This video series from Farm Equipment takes you face-to-face with many of the key players inside the H&R Agri-Power dealerships of Kentucky. Learn first-hand about their challenges and success on the road to being an industry leader. 



Wayne Hunt,

Leading the Charge

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Ross Morgan

Ross Morgan,
Special Projects

Sage Wisdom from A Dealership Lifer

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Steve Hunt

Steve Hunt, 
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Building H&R Agri-Power’s Culture, Profitability

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Ronnie Barnett

Ronnie Barnett,
Chief Financial Officer

CFO: ‘Conducting’ the Orchestra

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Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan,
Western Regional Manager

Measuring Sales Success Through Customer Satisfaction

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Dave Gibson

Dave Gibson,
Wholesale Division Manager

Creating a Reputation that Sells Equipment

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Nick Rust

Nick Rust,
Precision Ag Coordinator

Managing the Measurables of a Precision Business

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Josh Arnall

Josh Arnall,
Finance & Insurance Manager 

Financing Solutions to Keep Sales Selling

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Ryan Polete

Ryan Polete,
Territory Manager 

Coaching the Sales Team to Dealership-Wide Success

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Kyle Putty

Kyle Putty,
Service Coordinator 

Maintaining High Standards of Service

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Jon Darby

Jon Darby,
New Inventory Manager

Following the Data & Managing Relationships to Order Equipment Properly

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CCindy Gough

Cindy Gough,
Corporate Parts Coordinator

Leading by Example in the Parts Department

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Stephanie McQueen

Stephanie McQueen,
Marketing Manager

People Do Business with People

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Kevin Meacham

Kevin Meacham, 
Rural Equipment Salesperson

Building Rural Equipment Sales

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