John Deere's 7R Tractors are available in seven models from 210-330 horsepower. They feature 2 extra inches of headroom and a 24% wider entry path. An automotive-inspired interior surrounds the operator and provides wide-open access to controls. Customers can choose from three Comfort and Convenience cab packages including Select, Premium and Ultimate.

Each new 7R Tractor comes standard equipped with an integrated Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter display, StarFire 6000 integrated receiver and AutoTrac activation. Additional technology features include JDLink with five years of service, John Deere Connected Support, Expert Alerts, Remote Display Access and Wireless Data Transfer.

A smooth-shifting e23 PowerShift transmission is standard and can handle sudden, high-torque power loads while maintaining responsive, quick and smooth shifts. Three modes of operation can automate gear selection and rpms to keep the desired ground speed maintained based on load. Or, customers can choose the optional Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT).

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