Greensill, a global provider of working capital finance, is expanding its presence in agribusiness by dedicating its time to exposing capital for the entire agricultural production chain.

The new team consists of Justin Harrison, Brian Haezebroeck, Scott Cline, Jamey Ross, Ryan Waterman and Tom Owen.

Justin Harrison, global managing director of agriculture, has a new team from Rabo AgriFiannce joining him. Harrison started out working as a lecturer at the Australian College for Tropical Agriculture, and soon became employed with with Rabobank where he held frequent senior management positions.

Brian Haezebroeck, managing director of global business development, joined Greensill with a broad-based management background. Having worked with John Deere Financial as the managing and strategic and tactical planner and Executive Vice President, and Rabo AgriFinance as the North American Vendor Finance efforts, Haezebroeck understands the agribusiness intensely.

The directors of the new finance team are Ryan Waterman, Scott Cline, Jamey Ross and Tom Owen. Each of the directors have years of experience in the agricultural finance sector and hands-on involvement, and they are ready to tackle the needs of the entire agriculture sector.

Scott Cline spent the last five years being a part of the Vendor Finance team at Rabo AgriFinance. Prior, Cline held roles with John Deere Financial and the U.S. Military at the National Security Agency in Ft. Meade, MD.

Jamey Ross also worked for Rabo AgriFinance and John Deere Financial. His strong business background brings a great deal of success to the team.

Ryan Waterman comes from a diverse experience background; he was a part of business development, credit administration and digitization of loan processes.

Most recently, Tom Owen was Vice President – Senior Relationships Manager for Rabo AgriFinance and was responsible for business development in the Vendor Finance division. His various agricultural and crop input finance background and being actively involved in his family farming operation provides him with the knowledge needed for a successful finance team member.

Greensill’s global operation is ready to tackle the entire agriculture sector by understanding the differing needs of the businesses. The company recognizes the flow and go-to-market strategies for clients is important, and that many variables can affect their performance.