Michelin's CargoXBib HF Tire is a low-pressure transport tire available in 28LR26 and 800/60R32 sizes and compatible with central tire inflation systems (CTIS). Its tread design features 52 blocks with a wide footprint and a shallow tread that helps to reduce the power required to pull trailers. The central rib protects against soil compaction, reduces plant damage and provides comfort on the road. The tire also offers a wear indicator and accepts studs for specific applications.

On the road, the CargoXBib HF is designed to achieve speeds up to 40 mph, excellent road handling due to the solid rounded shoulders, easier turning with less scrub and excellent directional stability, greater wear resistance, reduction in rolling resistance and significant casing endurance with its Ultraflex casing. In the field, CargoXBib HF is designed with up to a 37% larger footprint with excellent grip on side slopes, low scrub when turning on grass and very low inflation pressure (as low as 12 psi).

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