Dear AEM Members and Industry Partners,

As we prepare to report on the many achievements to meet our goals and serve you during the Annual Conference in November, it’s my pleasure to announce that the Association is launching a succession plan for staff leadership under my direction and with the approval of the AEM Officers.

AEM has enjoyed substantial growth and success in its services and activities to benefit its members and the equipment manufacturing industry we serve. To build on that success, we are initiating a staff leadership succession plan to look to the future and position our talented and dedicated staff for the next generation of accomplishments.

So what does this all mean? While I will continue to head the Association as President for the next few years, I will also be preparing the next set of staff leaders to be “next up” to lead AEM in the future. Many of the familiar staff leadership faces will have new responsibilities to give them opportunities to lead new projects and teams, and gain additional valuable experience as AEM leaders.

These are exciting times at AEM! I’m looking forward to working with our members to prepare our talented senior team to lead AEM for the next generation.

Thank you,
Dennis Slater, President

Here is an overview of our new leadership plan, which will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2020:

Dennis Slater


  • Association strategy, goals and volunteer leadership
  • AEM Board of Directors, Nominating Committee
  • Directs senior leadership team

Al Cervero

Senior Vice President, Technology & Business Development

  • Education/content – events, conferences, show seminars
  • Futures Council, thought leadership
  • Technology – industry adoption -- all sectors
  • Business and revenue development

Curt Blades

Senior Vice President, Ag Services

  • Ag Sector Lead, Ag Sector Board
  • Ag services and programs
  • Technical & Safety departments (Product groups, safety materials, standards and compliance, sustainability, regulations, product stewardship)
  • Components Group Liaison (shared lead with CE sector specialist)

Larry Buzecky

Vice President, Market Information

  • Market data and statistics programs
  • AEM lead and liaison to HAI and HAI Board
  • Market Intelligence

Kip Eideberg

Senior Vice President, Government & Industry Relations (Communications)

  • Head of DC office
  • Advocacy and public affairs
  • GPAC, I Make America, AEMPAC, IV2050 committees
  • Communications & Public Relations (All of AEM)

Judy Gaus

Vice President, HR & Office Operations

  • Human resources
  • Office operations and facilities
  • Business Operations Leadership Team (BOLT)
  • Administrative support team
  • Diversity and inclusion lead
  • Project management

Nicole Hallada

Vice President, Exhibitions

  • Exhibition Management
  • Exhibition services, operations and strategy planning
  • Exhibition Marketing
  • AEM websites and digital marketing
  • CONEXPO Connect
  • Services Group liaison

Sara Mooney

Vice President, Strategy & Member Services

  • Strategic Plan lead
  • Membership, sales and customer service (newly combined team)
  • Membership Committee
  • Member services marketing
  • IT
  • AEM Canada lead

Renee Peters

CFO & Vice President, Finance

  • Accounting
  • Investments
  • Contract & Vendor Management
  • Finance Committee

Megan Tanel

Senior Vice President, CE & Utility Sector

  • CE Sector Lead, CE Sector Board
  • CE & Utility services and programs
  • Workforce development
  • Components Group Liaison (shared lead with Ag sector specialist)

Staff leadership not reporting to the President, but having a role in the Succession Plan:

Kathy Barke

Senior Director, Accounting

  • To be mentored by Renee for future accounting leadership

Dana Wuesthoff

Vice President & Show Director

  • CONEXPO-CON/AGG Show Director
  • World of Asphalt Show Director
  • Exhibition and event services (registration, housing, operations, meetings)