T.G. Schmeiser's Smart-Till Orchard MAX is for use by orchard growers in both the summer and fall/winter seasons. In the summer, growers find their soil hardens causing shorter irrigation sets before run off begins after only 6-12 hours of drip irrigation. Use of the Smart-Till Orchard MAX maximizes water penetration while reducing soil compaction. Once used, the Smart-Till Orchard MAX can increase the irrigation runs anywhere from 12-24 hours. As a post-harvest tool, the Smart-Till Orchard MAX excels at incorporating amendments such as fertilizer or gypsum. This is done quickly at 6-8 mph.

Available in 8-18 foot widths, the Smart-Till Orchard MAX features the patented Smart-Till tine that fractures the ground without flipping the topsoil. It’s easy to use and is mounted on a gang that can be adjusted from 0-10 degrees, giving the grower the desired result for their exact soil conditions. The heavy-duty TillXtreme bearings are sealed for easy maintenance.

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