For maximum harvest productivity, the Brent 2596 features up to 1,000 bushel per minute unloading speeds, pivoting auger with over 4 feet of height and reach adjustability and four-way adjustable downspout for unloading ease. Its dual-auger low-profile design provides easy filling and along with steep-sloped sides handles high-moisture grain with ease and complete cleanout.

The unloading speed of up to 1,000 bushels per minute is accomplished through its exclusive drivetrain with a belt-driven 20 inch diameter floor auger working in conjunction with a heavy-duty, direct-drive 90 degree gearbox for the 24 inch vertical auger. Its patented soft-start auger connection and synchronized upper and lower vertical auger flighting keeps grain flowing smoothly and evenly for faster unloading and longer flighting life.

For maximum flotation, the Avalanche 2596 is equipped with patented Equalizer tracks featuring 50 inch wide by 148 inch long, one-piece molded rubber tracks. The tracks pivot fore and aft in addition to side to side to maximize ground contact over rough terrain, for a loaded ground pressure of just 16.2 psi. Hydraulic single-point track tensioning and standard auto greaser that delivers lubrication to the track’s pivot points consistently during use provide easier routine maintenance.

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