Hiniker Company offers several flail windrower models: 15 foot model 5610L, 20 foot model 5620HLI, 30 foot model 5630HL and 20 foot model 5620HH with hydraulic end transport.

The recently introduced 20 foot model 5620HH features a fully hydraulic “from the tractor seat” end transport system. Transitioning from field operation to a road ready transport width of less than 12 feet, takes less than a minute. This feature is well-suited for custom operators and large operations that require frequent machine road transport.

All Hiniker windrowers feature a 17 inch diameter cross auger system that moves more product and feature 235 horsepower rated gearboxes. 1,000 rpm constant velocity PTO shafts with overrunning clutches ensure smooth transmission of power, even on tight turns. All units feature high vacuum 3 inch cupped knives for thorough shredding and efficient material pick up, with standard hardfacing on 20 and 30 foot models.

Learn more at www.Hiniker.com.