North Carolina New Holland dealer Premier Equipment Co. of Rocky Mount has purchased Hines Equipment. The new location will open May 9. The dealership has 2 locations in North Carolina.

Premier Equipment acquired the property at the end of February and at the same time acquired Enfield Tractor and Equipment. The location has 15 employees, with a mix of newcomers and employees who worked for Hines Equipment.

“We were able to provide an opportunity and continue on with a number of the employees that have had many years of experience in this business, as well as adding some new folks to the team,” says Andy Blanton, chairman. “So, we’ve been fortunate enough to kind of have a whole bunch of experienced folks and then be able to grow our team as well.”

Premier Equipment Co. was founded in 2019 and also sells Mahindra Grasshopper Echo Stihl and Exmark products.

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