Brillion's 4620-24 Folding Seeder features a 24 foot working width that is geared towards producers with mid-size row crop tractors looking for more seeding capacity than that of the 12 foot seeder but lack the horsepower to pull the larger 4630-36 Folding Seeder.

The 15 bushel capacity seed box on each seeder section on the 4620-24 model features the Brillion Micro-Meter seed metering system. The seeder is ground driven and equipped with an electric clutch on each seeder section. Its ability to plant a variety of seeds and precisely place the seeds at the correct depth ensure optimal germination. The larger seed box capacity allows the operator to spend more time seeding and less time stopping to fill the seed boxes. This versatility and efficiency along with the floating seeder wing design makes the 4620-24 Folding Seeder an ideal fit for agricultural and turf applications.

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