Thunder Creek Equipment's Generation 3 Fuel and Service Series Trailers (FST) haul 500, 750 or 990 gallons of diesel and feature an optional 100 gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank and customizable rear utility box. FST platform includes a re-engineered tank design that increases short- and long-term durability and meets the rugged demands of the field.

Thunder Creek’s FST class of trailers feature a redesigned front-end that reduces the ability for dust and debris to enter the trailer’s main chassis. Other notable engineering and feature additions include thicker-gauge steel on FST doors and heavy-duty latches, spin-secure fuel caps, new fuel meter and filter options, increased strength of the entire front box compartment and upgraded heavy-duty 35 and 50 foot fuel hose reels for added versatility.

Thunder Creek’s FSTs feature 75 cubic feet of space in the front and pump enclosures, plus an additional 60 cubic feet in the optional rear utility box that can be outfitted with a variety of tools and storage solutions. The upgrades join Thunder Creek’s closed-loop DEF pumping system, one of the most reliable and contamination-free methods of delivering DEF to equipment in the field.

FST Series trailers are compliant with ISO 22241 standards.

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