Premium CommandView III Cab with cab suspension comes standard on the John Deere 8R/8RT Tractor. A steering circuit change and recalibrated steering sensitivity further enhance operator comfort and control. All 8RT Series Tractors feature a new steering pump, changes to the loop-override circuit and in-cab steering sensitivity adjustment. A factory-installed Generation 4 CommandCenter 18-1 Software update is also included as base equipment.

A redesigned fuel tank features increased capacity; a relocated and larger Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) tank enhances overall productivity. The 8RT Series Tractors feature a 6% increase in fuel capacity, now at 212 gallons. The DEF tank has a 12% increase in capacity, up to 7.6 gallons as compared to 6.7 gallons on earlier models. Both provide longer run time between fills. The relocated and enlarged DEF tank now resides near the fuel fill to provide for more efficient refueling. Relocation of the DEF tank accommodates operators using front mounted solution tanks as they no longer must work around the DEF fill location when mounting their tanks.

A time-saving battery disconnect switch allows operators to disconnect battery power to the entire tractor without having to disconnect battery cables.

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