Early player in the field of autonomous farming, DOT Technology Corporation will be hosting a unique demonstration of the DOT Autonomous Power Platform working real-time, in the field with the Pattison Connect S120 Sprayer for influencers in the North American farm equipment supply-chain this March in Maricopa, Ariz.

In 2014, farmer entrepreneur, Norbert Beaujot started thinking about building an autonomous seeder and realized that if a powered platform could be adapted to facilitate other implements, it would have more value for farmers.

“I was uncomfortable with the way we were going because we were getting less and less efficient because of the bigness of the equipment,” he said. “With the scaling and sizing of DOT, we’ve brought that efficiency back into line.”

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Implement manufacturers, investors and other forward-thinking professionals interested in the future of autonomous agriculture are invited to see DOT in action and how they or their products may participate on the ground floor with an early pioneer of the biggest breakthrough in farm technology for generations.

“A key attribute of DOT is flexibility, because the power platform can connect to a variety of implements such as seed drills, sprayers, grain carts and coulter injectors.” Explains Beaujot.


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