Echo's PB-8010 Backpack Blower features a 79.9cc engine that delivers the highest blowing performance of any backpack blower on the market. 3.6 inch diameter blower tubes feature a wear ring on the end to prevent wear. The PB-8010 also features a carbon fiber plastic frame and fan case. This technology cuts 1.9 pounds of weight compared to standard plastic material and allows the PB-8010T to weigh just 24.5 pounds.

An oversized pleated paper main filter and foam prefilter allow for use of the Blower in high-dust environments, along with tool-less latches for easy in-field maintenance. An 83.8 ounce fuel tank delivers long run times, and padded backpack straps and backrest keep things comfortable for all-day use. The Echo-original vented backpack frame draws air across the user’s back to keep the user cool in hot weather, and a block-off plate is included for use in cooler weather.

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