I’m asking for your help. Last month, I wrote an article on “3 Questions to Root Out Complacency.” In that piece, we posed 3 questions to farm equipment dealers on motivating staff to achieve greater heights for themselves, your customers and the company. Thanks to those who already emailed me or used to commenting field online.

I’m getting ready to meet my end of the bargain, which is pulling together the compilation of answers from you and your industry peers on stories and examples specific to selling and servicing farm equipment. But I need your help with some additional perspective. I’m hoping you’ll take a moment to weigh in on these 3 questions:

  • What did you say to successfully awaken someone who hasn’t yet shown a fire burning within?
  • What are your best tips to get an “average” performer to be “good?” And how you got the “good” to get to “excellent?”
  • What example do you cite most within your walls as a shining example of extra effort at its best?

Would you take 10 minutes to reply with how you’d respond to these questions at your dealership? If you could reply to mlessiter@lessitermedia.com by the end of the day today, Oct. 12, I’d greatly appreciate it, and I will also promptly share what we learn!