West Fargo, N.D. — Crary Industries expanded its water management solutions line with the new Revolution Ditcher. Crary’s Revolution Ditcher leads the market with the heaviest industrial speculations and planetary gearbox and HD 6.5 feet in diameter rotor engineered for high volume throughput, capable of handling those inevitable small field rocks too.
“The Revolution Ditcher is a beast of a machine,” said Nick Chiodo, marketing manager for Crary Industries. “We have designed a machine that will outlast and outperform the competition.” 
It is designed to work in a variety of soil types and throw the dirt up to 125 feet, eliminating the effect of soil mounds next to your ditch. The Revolution Ditcher also has the ability to windrow material close to the machine, with its dual, hydraulically adjustable deflector chutes. This feature also allows the Revolution Ditcher to throw dirt and material in either directions, as no one field is the same.
“Its raw ability to throw dirt for some distance or simply windrow dirt makes this appealing for all farmers in all conditions,” said Chiodo.
The Revolution Ditcher has the ability to cut at a 10 inch depth in a single pass, leaving a 5-foot flat-bottom finish, allowing equipment to pass through with ease. With independent elevation control, side tilt and standard auto level, the Revolution Ditcher is easy to operate and adjust to any type of ditching conditions.
Crary’s new Revolution Ditcher comes standard with an integrated PWM Valve and control box for all functions. The Revolution Ditcher can be customized to fit specific needs with optional bolt-on cutting surfaces allowing for different ditch shapes.
Crary announced the new Revolution Ditcher at Canada’s Farm Progress show in Regina, Sask., and is currently taking orders for production.