The all-weather Kubota RTV-X1100C offers a quiet, factory-installed, fully-enclosed unibody cab that features a powerful heating and air conditioning system. The lightweight unit has two large roll-down windows, is nearly airtight, low noise and is virtually rattle-free providing a smooth, quiet ride. The X1100C is pre-wired with an antenna and two speakers for easy and efficient installation of an optional radio.

Kubota’s front 4-point PTO K-Connect for the RTV-X1100C gives it the ability to transform into an effective snow removal machine with four new attachments: 66 inch snowblower, 78 inch straight blade, 78 inch V-plow and 66 inch rotary broom. With K-Connect, these implements connect in seconds without tools and can be easily removed for seasonal storage. The PTO is gear-box driven for durability, less maintenance and quieter operation. The control handle offers simple control for all implements, and the PTO switch is ergonomically-located and easily-reachable for double action intuitive control, similar to tractor functionality.

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