Mud Rx solves the problem of mud-plugged gauge wheels in wet conditions or too-fast tire wear in abrasive soils on planters and air seeders.

In damp or muddy conditions, planters and air seeders are invariably plagued with mud-plugged wheels from mud finding its way between the tire and disc. With this easy to install, smooth UHMW plastic product on each gauge wheel, planters and air seeders keep moving and keep planting.

In dry, abrasive soil conditions the Mud Rx keeps small particles, rocks and debris from wearing the tire edges down close to the disc. With Mud Rx installed, farmers can can expect 3-5 or more times tire life.

Mud Rx is available for nearly all planters made from 1973 to present and will fit most aftermarket wheels and tires — both narrow and standard width. Installation is easy and does not require removal of tires from wheels.

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