Now is the time to change your sales behavior and start moving your equipment!

This “Back-Loaded Commission Structure to Change Behavior” eGuide shares how you can incorporate a new commission structure that will incentivize, motivate and teach your salespeople to complete a series of trades quickly —and it’s FREE!

Dear Farm Equipment Dealer, 

In this special edition eGuide, hear from Western Equipment Dealer Assn, Consultant and 2017 Dealership Minds Summit speaker, Trent Hummel, as he shares his insider advice on the best ways to structure back-loaded commissions to increase overall sales and alter the behavior of your sales partners. 

Many dealers are stuck in the rut of thinking things are done a certain way because “that’s how they’ve always been done.” In this FREE eGuide, Back-Loaded Commission Structure to Change Behavior, you’ll learn why it was important for Hummel, a fourth-generation dealer, to change the status quo, and why you should too.

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8 ways to perfect the method of trade sales

Inside this eGuide, gathered from insight shared during Hummel’s presentation at the 2017 Dealership Minds Summit, you’ll find 8 time-tested tips, tricks and techniques that Hummel uses to perfect the method of trade sales. These techniques cover the importance of:

  1. 60 Day Selling Average
  2. Avoiding Ugly Trades
  3. Pre-Selling Your Trade-Ins
  4. Better Marketing Skills
  5. Loser Trades
  6. Reducing Trades in a Series
  7. Commission on Gross Margin Dollar
  8. Equal Importance of New and Used Units

Change the name, change the game

Inside this eGuide, which we’ve made absolutely FREE, you’ll learn why Hummel suggests avoiding the term “holdback” and instead referring to your new commission plan as being “back-loaded.” As with anything new, there will be questions. Hummel reviews two scenarios that will prepare you to explain the how’s, what’s and why’s.

Taught and applied correctly, the back-loaded commission structure can see head-turning results. You’ll see an uptick in turns, and your salespeople will have the confidence and influence in deals to know when to walk away from a trade-in that isn’t viewed as a quick turn.

Innovate to ELEVATE

In the FREE eGuide, Back-Loaded Commission Structure to Change Behavior, Hummel leaves you with this, “the biggest failure in all this, in all of life, is not to try. I encourage everybody to try something.” There are many different paths to build your dealership into one that turns used equipment quickly. No matter the case, it is important to seek out the innovative experts in the field to learn from their successes and failures. And this eGuide offers page after page of innovate, game-changing ideas for you to innovate and elevate your sales game.

By now I’m sure you see the value of this eGuide and what applying the techniques discussed can do for your business. And because you’ve taken the time to read this, you’re clearly someone who values how to protect, and grow, the stake you’re already claimed in the farm equipment business.

Do you want head-turning results?

Do you want your salespeople well-educated and motivated?

Are you ready to change status-quo for the better?

Then download this free report right now, and get started! The minute you do, you start the momentum toward greater sales.

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Yours for a better dealership business,

Dave Kanicki

Dave Kanicki, Executive Editor

Dave is the Executive Editor of Farm Equipment, and the Editor/Publisher of Ag Equipment Intelligence and related properties. 


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