The Kinze Mach Till High-Speed Disc Tillage Machines include 20, 26, 33 and 40 foot models. In addition to high speed (8-12 mph) and high capacity, these machines shred and uniformly distribute residue, providing superior top and subsoil finish in clay, sand, loam, wet and dry soils. Other key features include simple set-up and ease of use with maintenance free parts and heavy build for speed and deep working depth. The MachTill provides versatility for fall primary tillage and residue management to spring secondary tillage and seedbed preparation.

The Mach Till is more of a hybrid horizontal tillage. Hybrid horizontal tillage combines some of the benefits of conventional discs, vertical tillage and soil finishing products into one tool, integrating features of speed, good soil finish and uniform residue management. The Mach Till cuts and throws the soil at an angle to avoid creating a smear or compaction layer in the dirt, then mixes the soil and residue together. The corrugated rubber roller on the back of the machine sheds soil and breaks up larger clods.

The Mach Till is heavy-built for speed and deep working depth. The large wide tires and rear corrugated rubber roller minimizes compaction.

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