Pöttinger's AEROSEM PCS Seed Drill features the Duplex Seed drilling process that plants silage and corn maize in double rows. In addition to increasing yield, it also increases output during drilling thanks to the higher driving speed. As a result, Duplex Seed is an economical alternative to conventional precision seed drilling. The maize can be planted flexibly with a companion crop or with direct fertilization. The double row is also suitable for corn maize harvesting.

AEROSEM PCS offers one seed drill for cereals and maize thanks to its ability to change quickly between seed types. Further key advantages include direct control of the seed flow as well as monitoring of each maize row. Planting maize in a double row creates the perfect distribution density conditions: more light, more water and more nutrients. Moreover, the whole maize crop can absorb more sunlight because the plants do not shade each other as much as in a conventional formation. Increased photosynthesis is the result. Thanks to the wider spacing, the maturing phase is optimized with potential for less dampness, especially with corn maize.

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