Remlinger Mfg. of Kalida, Ohio, a farm equipment manufacturer, announces that John H. Remlinger has promoted Ron Hovest to the title of president, effective Feb. 9, 2018. Hovest is the oldest grandson of the founder, the late Wilbur Remlinger. The current owner, John H. Remlinger, is the son of Wilbur Remlinger and will become Chairman of the Board with a focus on long term planning, guidance and finance. Mildred Remlinger, the widow of the founder, is currently Chairman of the Board and will become Chairman Emeritus. 

Ron Hovest has been with the company for over thirty years, most of which has been as chief engineer. Hovest has either upgraded or designed new products that Remlinger Mfg. has produced and sold all over the world. His background in manufacturing and his overall understanding of Remlinger Mfg. Co. will make this an easy transition and allow the company to continue to provide the world with quality Remlinger products.

Remlinger Mfg. is made of four divisions: an agricultural division for designing and manufacturing Remlinger farm equipment; a division to manufacture Kelly harrows for all of North America; a division for the PFM line of products; and a contract manufacturing division providing custom welding, fabricating and machining.

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