The Loftness OS170 Dry Material Spreader features a height of 56.4 inches, designed to travel easily under low tree branches. It has a hopper width of 48.7 inches and tire width of only 50.1 inches, allowing it to operate efficiently in some of the narrowest spaced plantings. Despite the low profile and narrow width, the OS170 can carry up to 80 cubic feet of material. The unit consistently spreads material up to 25 feet wide with an option for spreading up to 40 feet. An optional banding attachment is available for deflecting fertilizer into narrow bands at the sides of the spreader.

The OS170 comes standard with a mechanical conveyor drive, but an optional hydraulic drive can be added. This option allows the spread rate to be controlled independently of the ground speed. It also provides variable rate application capabilities. Stainless steel construction is used throughout the design, including the 409 painted stainless steel hopper for superior corrosion resistance.

Other standard features include dual stainless steel spinners and an adjustable clevis hitch. The spinner can be driven by hydraulics or an optional 540 RPM PTO drive.

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