Salford's Valmar ST6 is a 6-ton product applicator. Its lightweight polyethylene bins are translucent and allow an additional visual indicator of the bin level, along with standard bin level sensors.

Snap-in meter rollers, spring-loaded gates and a full-width removable panel below the air manifold take the hassle out of unloading. The meter rollers themselves are pegged style rollers for precise accuracy. These rollers offer a wider range of application rates and are available with standard and low rate peg sizes. The four section metering systems have the ability to turn up to four sections on or off based on application maps. Both metering systems deliver product to a single funnel that drops into a common venturi air stream for the highest possible blending accuracy and efficiency.

An ISOBUS control system allows connectivity to any ISOBUS compliant cab console, and mechanical engagement of the meters is achieved via electric clutches. The large, easy to open lid and sloped sides make filling with tender trucks simple and efficient. The ST6 is compatible for additional mounting options.

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