The 10 ton Stoltzfus CU-100 Ground-Driven Spreader has a 212 cubic foot hopper. The 53-degree side slopes, 24 inch carbon steel slat-style drag chain and engineered drop pan work in combination to prevent bridging, allowing consistent material flow for true multi-purpose spreading.

The Stoltzfus CU-100 has the industry’s only fully-welded unibody construction. Its heavy-duty structural tube steel frame and rugged walking beam suspension easily handles stresses from 10 ton loads. The 21.5 liter, 14 ply tires offer high flotation and smooth rolling on rough terrain. The dual contact press wheel, hydraulically raised and lowered, delivers the power to break out packed damp lime loads.

Hydraulically powered twin 24 inch, 7 gauge steel spinners are top driven, isolating the drives from corrosive chemicals and the shock of material pounding on their disks. The Stoltzfus CU-100 is constructed from CorTen weatherizing steel and is available in 304 stainless steel. Options include tarps, lights, corner pockets and material shredder.

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