Horsch's Panther 460 SC and SW600 commodity cart with innovative section control technology helps producers minimize double seeding and fertilizing areas that require overlapping passes with the seeder, such as around sloughs, irregular field boundaries and headlands. The Panther and SW600 may also be used as a fertilizer applicator for uniformly distributing nutrients in the root zone with minimal soil disturbance.

The Panther 460 SC has a 60-foot working width with eight individually controlled sections that automatically turn on and off as the Panther enters and exits areas that have already been seeded or fertilized, according to GPS location. It uses 15 inch shank spacing on a four-rank toolbar, allowing maximum residue flow. The shank openers offer single- or twin-row applications for 7.5, 15 or 30 inch rows.

The Panther 460 SC is designed to be paired with the new HORSCH SW600 commodity cart, which features three compartments totaling a 600 bushel capacity. It uses highly accurate electric-driven meters for unmatched application accuracy and simplified calibration, and it automatically adjusts the material rate according to how many sections are operating on the Panther.

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