Hyndsight Vision Systems Capture provides portable vision and recording systems for farm equipment safety monitoring with the ability to record simultaneously, while still providing real-time video stream, remote on/off capability and high definition recording quality that can be stored on a 32 MB SD card. It is also ideal for monitoring livestock trailers during transportation.

Capture is comprised of a custom-designed camera and monitor with a sunlight readable screen, antenna set and two mounts in a solid case. It is rugged, water-resistant and provides a real-to-life visual field. The system provides real-time recording and video stream simultaneously through a direct wire-free connection (camera to monitor) and a clear image that can transmit up to one-third of a mile with direct line of sight.

Capture can be mounted literally anywhere with the ability to pair-up to four cameras per monitor with each camera having separate recording capability. To effectively eliminate blind spots, Capture can be positioned for both rear and side viewing on heavy farm equipment that need to be closely monitored.

For more information, please visit www.HyndsightVision.com.