The Loftness XLB10 Premium Grain Bag Loader reduces the amount of labor needed to install bags on the unit. Its remote-controlled jib crane and trolley system use electric motors to lift bags off the ground and slide them into place on the tunnel. To further ease the process, a retractable bag loading apron helps pull the bags onto the bottom pan.

Additionally, the XLB10 has a redesigned tunnel and deeper bag pan, giving it more capacity to hold longer bags. As a result, the unit can accommodate 10 foot diameter grain bags up to 500 feet long, unlike standard grain bag loaders that only fit bags up to 300 feet long.

Transport wheels with electric brakes enhance safety and convenience when moving the unit from one location to another. The operator can hydraulically raise and lower them, eliminating the need to relieve brake pressure on the traction wheels before transporting.

Other standard features on the XLB10 include a 20 inch diameter auger for filling bags at a rate of 30,000 bushels per hour, an oversized hopper for easy dumping and thick steel construction for long-lasting, reliable performance.

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