ASV's RT-120 Compact Track Loader features the Posi-Track rubber-track suspension. The dual-level suspension includes both suspended wheels and axles, allowing it to achieve faster speeds over all types of terrain. The fully-flexible track and suspended wheels conform to the ground, assuring maximum traction in the roughest conditions. In addition, the multiple wheel contact points and three guide lugs maximize performance on steep slopes.

The RT-120 comes standard with 18 inch wide tracks, resulting in a ground pressure of only 4.4 psi. Optional 20 inch tracks are available.

Over the past 10 years, ASV completely transformed its undercarriage from a closed design, similar to those used on competitive steel-embedded undercarriages, to an open-rail and drive-sprocket design. The result is increased sprocket and bogie life and an undercarriage that’s easier and faster to clean. All rollers include mechanical face seals that don’t require maintenance for the life of the machine. The tracks contain embedded co-polymer cords for extra strength and are produced using a single-cure process, eliminating cure-point weaknesses in the track that can lead to premature breakage. The result is a 1,500-2,000 hour track life. 

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