Bird-in-Hand, Pa. – Lanco Manufacturing recently unveiled 4 new high output spreaders designed to meet the needs of farmers in the mid-size and small spreader market. Known for being a machine that can spread lime, litter, bio-solids, pen pack, horse manure and more without changing attachments, the new Lanco high output spreaders mean Lanco can now reach a new customer base.

The new models join the 3 original Lanco high output spreaders with hopper capacities ranging from 700-1,000 cubic feet. The two new mid-size high output spreaders have a hopper capacity from 315-385 cubic feet, while the two new small-size high output spreaders have hopper capacity ranging from 180-240 cubic feet.

“While our original high output spreaders were well-received by farmers because of their performance and spread pattern, we did get some feedback from many of them that they would like having smaller options that still delivered the benefits of the larger high output spreaders,” said Sam Stoltzfoos, president of Lanco Manufacturing. “We listened to that feedback and designed smaller high output spreaders that run the same material and produce the same quality spread pattern as our larger units.”

The mid-size high output spreaders work with 150 horsepower and higher tractors, while the smallest models can be operated with 80 horsepower or less tractors.

Lanco high output spreaders have established themselves as having the best spread pattern in the industry thanks to a design that makes large clumps literally impossible since there’s simply not enough space for material to come out without being broken up by the machine’s beaters and spinners.

“We believe in making our spreaders of the highest quality and we also believe in delivering on our promise of better spreading made simple,” said Stoltzfoos, “and we’re excited to continue that legacy with our newest high output spreaders.”

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