The Patz Tundra LTX Hydraulic Pump pumps slurry manure with a liquid content of 95% or more up to distances of 2,000 feet. The pump is powered by either a 5 or 7.5 horsepower hydraulic power pack system.

The Tundra LTX is able to sit above or below ground, which allows for more mounting options. An 8 inch suction pipe is used to draw manure into the pump. The maximum draw up from the reception pit is 10 feet. Manure is discharged through a 6 or 8 inch plastic pipe to final storage.

The Tundra LTX features an Automatic Reciprocating Valve (ARV) for reversing action. This replaces the mechanical valve with a hydraulic switch on previous models. The ARV switches directions of the ram without electricity or any external moving parts, which is a safer alternative.

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