The Loftness I Series SnowLogix Snow Blower series includes four models of industrial-duty, tractor-mounted units. They are available in 9 and 10 foot widths for efficiently moving large amounts of snow.

Engineered for large tractors with tall tires, all models in the I Series offer a two-stage design with 16 inch diameter augers and extra large, 36 inch diameter fans. Both 9 and 10 foot blowers are available with either two or three augers. Models with two augers measure 48 inches high, while those with three augers measure 66 inches high.

Additionally, the I Series uses a proven, reliable chain drive, oversized gearbox, large bearings and thick steel construction for maximum durability. Maintenance is kept simple with easy-access shear bolts, extra-large skid shoes and a bolt-on cutting edge. Also standard is a hydraulically adjustable spout with a 14 inch diameter and 270 degrees of rotation. Truck-loading spout options are also available.

Other options include hydraulic- and electric-actuated deflectors. I Series snow blower requirements include a Category II or III 3-point hitch, 1,000 rpm PTO and 140-200 PTO horsepower.

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