The Land Pride FM25 Series Flail Mowers are built for use in vineyards, orchards and recreation areas. The Land Pride FM25 is available in four widths from 48-84 inches to fit a wide variety of user applications. The 80 horsepower gearbox rating means it will fit a wide variety of tractors.

Sturdy and compact, the Land Pride FM25 has an electronically balanced rotor mounted on spherical roller bearings. The rotor is driven by a three-section power band belt. The spring-loaded, self-indicating belt-tensioning system makes it easy to tension belts for longer life.

Three different blade options make quick work of grass, grapevine shoots, saplings and tree prunings. Cutting height is variable from 0-6 inches. Cutting capacity is 1 inch with Duckfoot knives, 1.5 inches with heavy-duty Y Knives or 2 inches with Hammer Knives. The rear access door and quick-change D-ring system simplify blade changes.

Land Pride’s FM25 features dual hitches for offsetting when needed. The Category 1 hitch on the FM25 48 and 60 inch models offer center and 8 inch right offset positions. The Category 1 and 2 hitch on the 72 and 84 inch models offer center and 10 inch right offset.

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