Fendt 1000 Vario Tractors are offered in four models: 1038 (380 horsepower), 1042 (420 horsepower), 1046 (460 horsepower) and 1050 (500 horsepower). These tractors are designed for the heaviest draft work, yet are agile and versatile to deliver maximum speed of 31 mph on the road.

The 1000 Vario Tractors feature the revolutionary Fendt iD high-torque, low-engine-speed concept, combining a 12.4 liter, six-cylinder engine with the next generation Fendt Vario transmission. The VarioDrive drivetrain allows intelligent four-wheel management. They offer superior operator comfort and convenience along with intelligent connectivity.

The low, unladen weight of just over 30,000 pounds, makes these tractors ideal for work requiring low ground pressure, such as seeding. Flexible ballasting allows the Fendt 1000 Vario to be ballasted according to the job, with up to 50% of their base weight. Modular equipment options such as 1,000 rpm PTO and a large selection of hydraulic, hitch and linkage options ensure the tractors are compatible with all conventional implements.

For details, please visit www.Fendt.com/us.