Salford’s Valmar 8600 applies up to 1,000 pounds per acre at 8 mph and is available with 8 or 11 ton hopper sizes. The 8600 comes with four boom widths ranging from 54-66 feet. Hydraulically folding and locking main booms allow easy shifting from transport to work. The outer secondary boom tips are manually folded and locked with a safety break-a-way for maximum durability.

Optional hydraulic drive allows for variable rate and left/right section control technology, saving money through efficient application and reducing time in the field. Axles can be adjusted from 72-120 inches to match row crop application and tire options are available for narrower tracking or maximum floatation. A built in hopper divider and optional secondary metering allow for the application of herbicide, seed or micro-nutrients at the same time as fertilizer. Metering rolls are easily removed to increase the range of application rates and convenient hopper bottom slide gates allow for quick changes without draining product from hopper.

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